Handmade scarves

Handmade scarves

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You are looking for a handmade scarf design exclusive for you? This blog provides the different handmade scarves Halle Design offers to customers worldwide. The techniques and textiles used in the design process categorize the different scarves. Hala recycles textiles and creates upcycled scarves  to complete handmade and new luxury scarves .

Handmade scarves online

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Hand painted slik scarves

Hala mastered the technique to paint on silk. By using sea salt she creates a special effect with the colors of the paint. Enjoy the colorful silk hand painted scarves of Hala.

Handmade scarves with lace

Finishing handmade scarves with lace creates an elegant and romantic look.

Handmade scarf Henna Halle Design
Handmade scarf - Off white shawl Halle Design

shawl handcrafted dry felt open 1068x1100

Scarves of reused textile

Next to upcycling textile Hala uses the same connecting technique to recycle textiles. During her internship at Malhia Kent, the famous design house in Paris she saw that a lot if pieces of textile were wasted. She decided to buy the woven pieces of haute couture textile. She uses this pieces of textile creating her very own style. And while every shawl she creates is different, you recognize immediately the signature of Hala. Below you find some examples of scarves, however she also reuses the haute couture textile in other garments, like capes, and also in her home textile such as cushions.

Handmade scarves reuse fashion textile design technique Marine blue

Recycled textile scarves 

Hala discovered already when upcycling a scarf that she does not always need textile for haute couture. In fact it is just a small step. She started reusing textile from textiles that where left overs from different sources and garments. Below you see some example of reuse of pieces of wasted shawls.

Scarf handmade - grey with green - reused textile Halle Design

Handmade scarves – upcycling textiles

Hala reuses textiles and creates new upcycled designs. She connects e.g. pieces of old shawls, a pullover, haute couture textile left over from Malhia Kent design house by making use of pieces of wool. The wool has two functions. First it connects the old reused textile pieces and second the colour is chosen in such a way that it gives a special look perfectly fitting the colors with the haute couture textile. This results in exclusive upcycled new luxury shawls. Wouldn’t you want such a new handmade and upcycled creation and contribute to the environment? Maybe you have an old piece textile or fashion you do not wear anymore and you don’t want to throw it away because you are emotional attached to it. Maybe it is an example of a textile product that you want to use in Hala’s upcycle process in order to create a complete new fashion product. Just drop an e-mail or reply on this blog and Hala is glad to find a creative solution together with you.

Unique handmade red scarf using Upcycled textile

Unique handmade shawls tailor made 

In this video below Hala presents herself and explains how she designs and treats in a unique way her handmade shawls

Hala’s presentation of her exclusive textiles for fashion and interior during London Styley Fashion and Beauty in 2018 was very well received by many visitors to her booth.

Handwoven scarves

Hala also designs handmade scarves using weaving technique in partnership with weavers.  Also with the weaving technique she showed that textiles and even other materials can be reused. She shares and presents her experiences in the weaving network Nederland.

black white hand woven scarf Halle Design

Do you want to learn more of Hala’s work? Watch her movie.

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  1. Puur uit interesse heb ik een bezoek gebracht aan Halle Design. De innemende Halle showde een keur aan stoffen en creaties. In duizend en 1 kleuren, materialen en structuren. Het was als een soort vakantie, een reis langs zandstranden en weelderige wouden, langs oosters gedecoreerde paleizen en dan plots weer een vlucht door de lucht met lichtdoorlatende luchtige materialen. Werk van Halle staat voor werelds design van een ware Meester in Arts..

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