Textile Designs

Textile designs by Hala Yousif

Find textile designs of fashion textile and home textiles on this website. You can buy your finished fashion textile designs such as silk scarves for women, gorgeous dresses, unique abaya’s, jalabiya, capes, poncho’s, and home textile products like decorative cushions, beauty pillow covers, wall hangings and wall tapestries with geometric art, arabic art plaids and throw blankets in my textile design online shop.

Women’s fashion and interior textile designs – My movie

I am founder and textile designer of Halle Design Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The movie shows my background, my inspiration, my education, examples of my works and exhibitions. Moreover, it shows some of the textile design techniques I use for women’s fashion. It was recorded during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Textiles design inspiration – Sources of influence

My work embraces the many rich influences the path of my life has crossed. Most of all from my country and culture of origin, Iraq, but also to those of my two countries of adoption: Sweden and the Netherlands.

The Iraqi folklore the history of Babylon and elements from the Sumerian and Muslim cultures and arts inspire my early textile designs. It is characterised by the use of intricate patterns, painted on clothes in a swirl of warm bright colors.

Then the fresh breeze of Sweden blows. The colour palette shifts towards the pure limpid colors of the Scandinavian landscape, with the particular emergence of white. Next to that, patterns simplify and minimalize.

Textile design techniques

In Sweden and the Netherlands I learn new techniques as textile designer. These offer a wealth of new possibilities and combinations in textile fibers, colors as well as in structures.

“The textile design work I present on this website shows combinations of these techniques and influences used in fashion textiles and in the interior home decor.”

In Sweden I had the opportunity to learn silk painting techniques. In the silk shawls you will find back the swirl of colours that reflect memories from the country  I was born.

textile designs silk shawl flowers
Hand painted silk shawl

Sustainable textile designs

In the Netherlands I master a textile design technique to unite different pieces of textile.  I am aware how poluting the textile industry is and this technique enables me to contribute to a more sustainable world, because it can be very well used with left overs from used pieces of textiles. I use the technique to create women’s fashion, but I also use left overs of haute couture textiles to incorporate in for example cushions. Find the results of these unique designs on this website.

sustainable textile designs red shawl

Next to the fashion textile designs, I present interior textile designs that provide a blend of styles from Scandinavia and the country I was born. The Arabic kalligrafie and lines and curves come straight from a 1001 Nights. At the same time, the techniques, materials and colors used incorporate the Northern influences. The sprinkle of silver and gold stays to complete the fairytale atmosphere.

Inspired? Find my contact page.  Email me or phone for any textile design I can work out for you.

Hala Yousif