Nordic Nights

Nordic Nights

3D double sided wall art

“Nordic Nights” is a wallhanging / roomdivider that captures the stark contrast between the snowy landscapes of Scandinavia and the darkness of the night. This artwork combines elements from both the artist’s birth country Iraq and Sweden to create a visually striking and culturally diverse piece.
Hala sought to recreate the mesmerizing effect of light shining on snow crystals, incorporating a glistening pattern into the wallhanging. This motif derived from the cultural heritage of their birth country adds an enchanting quality.
She employed the double-sided 3D knitting textile design technique. The resulting three-dimensional effect adds depth and texture to the artwork, further enhancing the visual experience.

Material:         Cotton, Elastic, Silver lurex
Technique:      Knitting
Size:                 150 x 57 cm
In stock:          1
Price:               on request

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