Dutch Design Week

Halle Design at DDW 2022

Dutch Design Week 2022 is for Halle Design a podium to present latest work to a broad public

Dates 22-30 October 2022. Location: Mondilab, Steenoven 32, 5626 DK, Eindhoven

The project: A Scandinavian Tale of 1001 Nights

The project for the high end segment is a reflection of elements from parts of the world I studied, worked and lived. Characteristics are: minimized oriental patterns, modern textile design techniques, refined use of colors and materials, addressing inclusiveness & wellbeing (acoustics).

Room dividers at DDW

In cooperation with Textielmuseum Tilburg I developed a series of double sided 3D room dividers /wall hangings.

The infinite pattern is a minimized geometric pattern from the culture of my country of birth Iraq. 

The colors of the room dividers vary in such a way that sometimes bright colors are used to reflect the country of my birth, but sometimes also I use soft colors to reflect the minimized Scandinavian style. Sometimes I only use black and white to reflect the contrasting worlds I lived in. In all cases the number of colors used is very limited (minimized).

The 3D effect represents the Scandinavian  landscape and is gained by the combination of pattern, the use of material and double sided 3D weaving or 3D knitting technique. 

To create a luxury effect sometimes a shiny material is used, that is reflecting the wealthy cultural heritage of my country of birth or in the black and white designs the glinstering snow in the dark Scandinavian nights.

Thanks to the 3D structure, the room dividers / wallhangings have a sound absorbing property, addressing e.g. inclusivity and wellbeing of people with hearing difficulties in noisy rooms.

Dutch Design Week Wall Panels

In cooperation with Mondilab wall panels have been developed with sustainable materials. 

 The paint used on the wall panel is bio-degradable. The wall panel material can vary to reused velvet and also textiles from recyclable plastic bottles. 

Also here the patterns come from the culture of my country of birth. Also the colors used are sometimes bright and sometimes soft.

By including sound absorbing material the wall panels can also be used to improve acoustics in a room.

Carpet Sunrise at Dutch Design Week

In cooperation with Mondilab I developed my first carpet SUNRISE. It is inspired by the warm colors and the heat of the sun in my country of birth. The gradient of the colors in combination with the pattern, gives the carpet depth.  Different viewpoints give a change in depth and colors.

Basis is a water color painting I made years ago. I took a nice part out of it and reported it as background and on top of it I added one of the Iraqi cultural patterns I also used in the room dividers. 

It was shown in Milano June 2022 for the first time, and it was very well received. Visitors were impressed and saw the 3D effect and noticed the change of colors while walking around it.