Galaxy Gold Turquoise

Galaxy Gold Turquoise

Double sided Tapestry or Plaid

“Galaxy Gold Turquoise” is a beautiful double-sided wall tapestry. It draws its inspiration from the enchanting Scandinavian night sky, adorned with countless stars.  The intricate Islamic geometric pattern and the Scandinavian night sky are uniquely combined in this work. The pattern in the wall tapestry features a carefully crafted transition through meticulously woven beige, turquoise, gold, and silver threads.  The colours turquoise and gold adorn both sides, creating a harmonious visual ensemble.

It can also be used as plaid.

Material:         Merino wool, Lurex, Sidero; 
Technique:      Weaving
Size:                 175 x 95 cm
In stock:          1
Price:               on request

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