Carpet Sunrise

Carpet Sunrise


Hala, inspired by her journey from Iraq to Stockholm, has with great feeling crafted a carpet that captures the vibrant colours of the sunrise in Stockholm with a subtle infusion of patterns from her native Iraqi culture.  Drawing upon her artistic background, Hala took inspiration from a water colour painting she had painted in Stockholm. Using this as a foundation, she transformed the essence of her artwork into a carpet.
One of the most remarkable features of this carpet is its transformative quality. As one walks around it, the colours subtly shift, creating a captivating visual experience. This remarkable characteristic ensures that the carpet seamlessly complements any modern architectural interior. It is a stunning addition to her collection, “A Scandinavian Tale of 1001 Nights”, which celebrates the fusion of Scandinavian and Middle Eastern influences in an enchanting display of creativity.

Material:         Polyamide
Technique:      Digital Print
Size:                200 x 250 cm
In stock:          1
Options: All sizes and shapes (rectangle, round, ellipse) possible
Price:               on request

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