The exquisite Roomdividers by Halle Design bridge cultures and spaces. In the world of interior design, a captivating and functional piece can transform a space, evoking emotions and telling unique stories. Hala Yousif, textile designer and owner of Halle Design, has brought her extraordinary journey to life through this captivating creation. These remarkable pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing; they also serve as a cultural bridge. It integrates influences from Baghdad to Stockholm. Let’s delve into the intriguing tale of the Roomdivider and explore its multifaceted qualities that make it a true gem for any setting.

Roomdivider Infinity Desert Halle Design
Photo: Serge Hagemeier

Roomdividers inspired by a Scandinavian Tale of 1001 Nights

Hala Yousif draws inspiration from her rich heritage, infusing it into the Roomdivider series making it part of her collection: ‘a Scandinavian Tale of 1001 Nights.’ This collection embodies the vibrant and enchanting narratives of her country of birth, Iraq. The patterns found in the Roomdivider reflect the cultural essence and evoke a sense of timeless beauty that captivates any observer. “The design pops out at you” is one of the remarks of an admirer.

Roomdivider Infinity Sand Halle Design
Photo: Serge Hagemeier

Reflecting Scandinavian Influence

As Hala Yousif’s life journey brought her to Stockholm, the Scandinavian influence has left an indelible mark on her artistic vision. The Roomdivider seamlessly blends the vibrant colors of her heritage with the serene, minimalistic aesthetics synonymous with Scandinavian design. This fusion results in versatile pieces that complements various interior styles, allowing for a harmonious integration into any space.

Dual-Sided Design for Versatile Use

The Roomdivider’s versatility is one of its most outstanding features. With its double-sided design, it can effortlessly divide spaces in offices, hotels, or homes. This multifunctional element adds privacy and creates dedicated areas without sacrificing the openness of a room. Whether you need a secluded workspace or wish to create an intimate corner, the Roomdivider serves as an elegant solution.

Roomdivider Halle Design Infinity Sky
Photo: Serge Hagemeier

Sound Absorption Roomdividers: Functionality Meets Beauty

Beyond its captivating design, the Roomdivider incorporates a unique 3D weaving technique that provides remarkable sound-absorbing properties. This feature ensures a serene and peaceful environment, making it an ideal choice for open office spaces or areas where noise reduction is essential. By seamlessly merging functionality with beauty, the Roomdivider truly offers the best of both worlds.

This recognition was acknowledged by WGSN, the world-leading trend forecaster for consumers, in their Milan Design Week Special #3 – inclusivity and wellbeing of the “Create tomorrow” podcast. Lisa White, WGSN’s Creative Director, highlights Halle Design’s 3D Roomdividers:

“There are a couple of things going on here. Number 1 is about making design available to the many. That includes those with physical differences. Design is supposed to function. Now people want to do more, and that’s the second part. We want design to make us feel better. We are looking at inclusive designs. And there were some really great ones… …There were some great 3D Roomdividers by Halle Design. And they have acoustic sound absorbing properties, which are important for people with hearing differences/difficulties, myself included,…… “.

WGSN podcast - Create tomorrow
Roomdividers of Halle Design have beauty and function sound absorbing properties

Podcast by WGSN about Halle Design roomdividers

Beyond Movable Walls: A Design Statement

In a world where movable walls are often used to divide spaces, the Roomdivider stands out as a design statement. Its exquisite craftsmanship and cultural narrative transform the act of separating spaces into an art form. It transcends the conventional boundaries of interior design, inviting individuals to immerse themselves in a tapestry of emotions, stories, and culture.

Roomdivider Infinity Coral Halle Design
Photo: Serge Hagemeier


Hala Yousif’s Roomdivider is an exquisite creation that seamlessly merges art, culture, and functionality. Inspired by her life’s journey, the Roomdivider encapsulates the tales of Baghdad, while embracing the Scandinavian design aesthetic. With its dual-sided versatility, sound-absorbing properties, and unique artistic expression, this masterpiece adds a touch of elegance and personalization to any space it graces. The Roomdivider is a testament to the power of design to transcend borders and create connections, inviting individuals to embark on a visual and sensory journey.

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