Dutch Design Week 2023

Halle Design at DDW 2023

Dutch Design Week 2023 is for Halle Design a podium to present textile designs to a broad public

Dates 21-29 October 2023. Locations:

Messmerizing Central Station Eindhoven, and

ISOLA at Schellens Bleekweg 1, 5611EZ Eindhoven.

Roomdivider details Infinity Sky Halle Design

A Scandinavian Tale of 1001 Nights

The project for the high end segment is a reflection of elements from parts of the world Hala Yousif studied, worked and lived. Characteristics are: minimized oriental patterns, modern textile design techniques, refined use of colors and materials, addressing inclusiveness & wellbeing (acoustics).

Dutch Design week and Inspiring Textile Room dividers and tapestries

Halle Design will present inspiring textile room dividers and tapestries at Dutch Design Week 2023 from Halle Design’s collection, ‘A Scandinavian Tale of 1001 Nights.’ These room dividers and tapestries captivate people with their exquisite designs and the luxurious feel of the textiles. Each piece evokes different emotions and impressions, with some appreciating the vibrant colors and others admiring the artistic intricacy. However, what truly resonates with most individuals is the profound connection the artwork shares with Hala’s contrasting life story, having experienced both the East and the West.


The patterns found in Halle Design’s double sided 3D room dividers and tapestries draw inspiration from the cultural heritage of Iraq, Hala Yousif’s birth country. These patterns, characterized by their geometric simplicity, are immediately recognizable and often regarded as representations of cultural significance. Additionally, the choice of colors in the room dividers reflects Hala’s life journey. Some designs exude the warmth and vibrancy of Iraq, while others employ softer hues, reminiscent of her nine years spent in Scandinavia. The variety of colors and patterns embody Hala’s vision to unite the world through textiles.


Tactility plays a significant role in the experience of Halle Design’s double sided 3D room dividers and tapestries. At exhibitions, attendees are drawn to the opportunity of touching the soft and luxurious textiles. Some passersby merely seek the comforting touch of something soft, while others are compelled to pause and explore further. An endearing anecdote involves a young boy who discovered the shiny parts of the Infinity Waves textile, initially mistaking them for metal. His surprise at the softness of the fabric upon touching it highlights the captivating nature of Halle Design’s creations.

Weaving Techniques

The weaving technique employed in crafting Halle Design’s double sided 3D room dividers and tapestries is a testament to craftsmanship and artistry. When people learn that the artwork is woven, they often express disbelief. The complexity of the designs, including the 3D effect, challenges their preconceptions about what can be achieved through weaving. The fact that these intricate pieces emerge as a single woven entity from the textile manufacturing process, confirmed by a short movie showcasing the creation process at the Textiellab of the Textielmuseum, eventually convinces skeptics. Notably, Karel Bodegom, a prominent Dutch interior architect, aptly describes these room dividers as a “woven wonder” on his Instagram.

Aesthetics and functionality combined at Dutch Design Week

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Halle Design’s double-sided 3D room dividers and tapestries offer functionality. People appreciate that these designs not only beautify spaces but also contribute to their well-being. Acoustic sound-absorbing properties make them ideal for use in noisy environments such as hotels or offices. Furthermore, they provide a means to create private corners within open office spaces, allowing for confidential discussions or beautiful separations between areas, whether at home or work. As one exhibition visitor eloquently put it, “Employees no longer have to hide under their desks to escape the noise during phone calls.” By incorporating Halle Design’s room dividers into the workplace, employees experience improved focus, engagement, and overall well-being. Moreover, they find inspiration in the life story intricately woven into the design.

Halle Design’s double-sided 3D room dividers and tapestries from the ‘A Scandinavian Tale of 1001 Nights’ collection epitomize the fusion of beauty, functionality, and storytelling. Through their captivating patterns, colors, and tactile qualities, these room dividers enhance spaces, evoke emotions, and invite individuals to connect with the rich tapestry of Hala Yousif’s life.