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Home textile

Home textile designs a Scandinavian tale of 1001 Nights

My Home textile designs on this page present an exclusive blend of Scandinavian and Arabian styles. Read below my interior decoration design inspiration and buy your textiles online

My room decoration textile design style embraces the many rich influences the path of my life has crossed.  From my country and culture of origin, Iraq, to those of my two countries of adoption, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Home textile design inspiration

My early work was inspired by Iraqi folklore, the history of Babylon and the elements from the Sumerian and Muslim cultures and arts. It was characterised by the intricate patterns, painted on clothes in swirls of warm bright colours.

The fresh breeze of Sweden then blows. The colour palette shifts towards the pure limpid colours of the Scandinavian landscape, with the particular emergence of white. Patterns simplify and minimalize.

Home textile design ideas

When living in Sweden the bright and clear skies impress and inspire me for new designs. First the colors are completely different compared to my country of birth.  The ice, the snow and the huge difference in temperature are life changing but sources of inspiration. In addition the minimal use of colors, the sunlight that reflects from ice and snow inspire me to take this completely new environment as the basis for my designs. Using textures kept in my memory and stored already during my childhood this results in a unique concept, which I proudly present as my Scandinavian 1001 Nights collection of interior textile designs.

“New textile design techniques learned in Sweden and the Netherlands offer me a wealth of new possibilities and combinations, both in colours and structures.”

The collection presented in this webpage shows a perfect blend of these elements. While the patterns clearly arise from the Arabic kalligrafie and lines and curves straight from the 1001 Nights. The techniques used and fabrics produced incorporate Northern influences,  as does the colour pallette. Not to forget a sprinkle of silver and gold to complete the fairy tale atmosphere.

Home textile decor Halle Design - cushions and bed spreads

Home textile ideas for an exclusive style

You like to give your home interior or hotel textile a makeover. You are considering to use textile art, a tapestry or  a textile painting. Your bed or sofa could use a refreshing look with unique cushions or a new plaid or a bedspread. Your style is exclusive and you want a unique design with a touch from Oriental and European cultures. You prefer to have handmade exclusive finished products with perfect finishing. You want to feel the love and craftsmanship for the finished design.

The pictures above show only a small selection of my complete collection.

Home interior ideas – your 1001 Nights Scandinavian dream house

Contact me and let us design your 1001 nights Scandinavian dream house using home decoration textiles with oriental touch. Select your exclusive and personal combination for your bedroom. Use curtains, bedspreads, room dividers,  cushions and finish this with my unique wall decoration, wall tapestries and textile art.

Next to your bedroom together we redesign your living room breathing the 1001 Nights in Scandinavian atmosphere. We use one or more beautiful woven tapestries and choose a throw blanket to decorate your sofa. Finally we finish it with cushions that you like most.

If your choice is not available in the collection we can work out a design that perfectly suits your taste and needs.