Glue amsterdam

connected by design

Glue amsterdam
Glue amsterdam connected by design

Halle Design was present at Glue Amsterdam – connected by design

During September 18, 19, 20 – 2020

at Kasstoor; Home of Interiors, Pedro de Medinalaan 91 op Ijburg

Kasstoor was one of the design hubs during Glue amsterdam. In this store more designers presented their work.

The three day event was a design route from and for designers, architects, brands, showrooms, galleries, academies, and other colleagues.

During Glue there were multiple locations with a substantive and an attractive program for colleagues and the public.

Halle Design is a company owned by Hala Yousif. She is textile designer of exclusive home and fashion textiles.

The Glue organisation is an independent organisation that commits to upcoming designers but also established brands.

The design route is an ideal event in this period of social distancing and covid-19, because it has its design route across the city.

On the website of Glue amsterdam the total map was visible and all locations of the complete design route.

Meet Halle Design at Kasstoor as being one of the Glue Hubs
Halle Design is one of the designers from outside of Amsterdam and was next to the Amsterdam based designers able to join in one of the GLue Hubs. This is very much appreciated. Hala met many persons in this Glue Hub.

Kasstoor is located at Ijburg. Already during our visit to prepare for Glue we were impressed by the beautiful location of this 2 floors interior design shop of international well known and upcoming design brands with high design value.